Friday, May 30, 2008

Motorcycle Riding and Advertising

I met with an a potential advertiser yesterday and he asked one of the questions that I hear from almost every business.
What kind of guarantees can you give me?
That question reminded me of when I took a motorcycle riding safety course several years ago. The instructor (replete with leather boots and chaps) asked the students this question: "Can you ever be 100% safe on your bike?" The obvious answer is "no."
There is nothing to protect you like when you are riding in a car. You are open to the elements. Here's the wisdom. That same instructor said, "my job is to help you minimize your risk."
So how does this relate to advertising your business, you may be asking.
I, nor anyone else, can guarantee you success with an advertising program. There's always an inherent risk. But what I can do is help you minimize your risks. Because I have been helping advertisers get Results With Radio for 14-years, I know the pitfalls and the potholes to avoid and the strategies that produce results.
In fact, I just helped one client have their biggest month ever. If you'd like to hear their story, I'll send you an mp3 testimonial. Just drop me a note at
As one unknown author has been quoted as saying, "Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle."
Could we say the same thing about advertising? You decide.

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