Thursday, May 29, 2008

Be Brave And Grow

Would you be interested in doing something that would help grow your business even in slower economic times?

What about something that would energize your sales force?

Are you interested in waiting for the market to turn around or are you open to doing something proactive about your business?

One of the quickest ways to insure business success, even in a down economy, is to determine that one thing that makes you different.

My guess is that within your category you have probably played follow the leader. You didn't really have to stand for something because there was so much business being done. That's an ok strategy during good times. You probably have made a sizable income by doing that but today's environment requires different thinking. You must determine your unique selling proposition and communicate it effectively to insure sales success.

Here's the real news. Even if business is off 10%, logically that means that 90% of the market is still "on" for what you sell. People are still buying. There are just fewer of them. This makes it even more important for you to give your potential customers compelling reasons why they should hand their hard earned money over to you.

By detemining your unique selling proposition, you can better develop your brand position.

We helped one company generate 645 leads and post over $500,000 in top line revenues with this type of strategy.

If you'd like to hear his story, e mail me at

Warren Buffett says it best, "Be brave when others are afraid and afraid when others are brave."

Are you willing to be brave? If you are contact me and we can schedule your FREE advertising audit. With over 14 years of advertising experience under my belt, I can probably help you develop a campaign that will establish your brand in the mind of over 450,000 people.

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