Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why People Don't Buy

Sometimes if you understand why people don't buy, you can more easily understand why people do.
One marketing expert has an opinion that I think covers alot of bases. He says there are 4 reasons why someone won't buy.
No Need
No Hurry
No Money
No Trust
There are some things that you cannot control like no money but you can develop perceived needs, urgency and trust over time with your advertising.
The next time you lose a sale ask yourself the following questions:
Did I establish a need in the life of my customer?
Was there any way I could have aided in providing a sense of urgency?
What have I done to establish trust with my customer?
If it's a money issue, then, you might ask:
Is my pricing on target?
These are just some of the topics I discuss with my clients in an advertising audit. I really roll up my sleeves and listen to what's going on with your business.
The reality is I don't know everything about your business. That's why I ask lots of questions. Armed with the information we share together, then, I can return with a strategy that will generate results.
Send me an e mail and I'll send you a testimonial from one of my clients who more than tripled his top line revenue with one of my solutions. thecopee@gmail.com.
Remember with the right message, you can get RESULTS WITH RADIO!

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