Friday, May 23, 2008

Get More Results and Spend No More $$

There's a marketing strategy that you can use that will improve your results and will not cost you a single extra penny.
One marketing expert refers to each media you use as a glass. For example, TV station A is a glass, radio station A is another glass, newspaper is another ... you get the idea. What happens is most advertisers feel like they have to be in every glass to drive their business.
If you can imagine your advertising as water in those glasses, you will not see results from any of them until each glass gets full. Some call this "critical mass."
Many times advertisers use a number of "good" glasses but don't have the budget to fill any of them to the rim.
What to do?
Choose the one, two, or three glasses that most closely align with your target customer.
Begin to aggressively fill those glasses.
Don't worry about the A's and the Z's. Focus on the core of your business.
Own a glass before starting another.
Insider secret: The first few $$ you pour into ANY advertising medium (glass) will be the most difficult to recoup. If you have chosen the media most closely associated with your core customer it will work! Just stick with it. Don't give up.
I have used this strategy with a number of my clients and have seen dramatic results. If you'd like to receive a recorded testimonial by e mail from one of my clients I've helped, send me a note at
Using logical strategies like these, you can have RESULTS WITH RADIO!

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