Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Elements of A Successful Campaign

An industry expert has a formula that has consistently worked to deliver measureable advertising results. It consists of 5 elements that are scored individually. If you do not score a 70 or above, the campaign will probably produce negligible results. Here are the 5 elements:

(1) Make a specific offer to sell something 25 points
(2) Price your offer whenever possible 25 points
(3) Ask for a specific action 20 points
(4) Add urgency with time or quantity limits 15 points
(5) Develop a theme or hook 15 points

Total Points 100 points

One of my clients recently changed his strategy to utilize this formula and had the biggest revenue generating month in the history of his business.

If you'd like to hear his story in a 2-minute mp3 audio, just drop me an e mail at and I'll send it to you.

Remember with the right offer and the right station, you can have Results with Radio!

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