Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pushing a Car

Have you ever tried pushing a car?

If you ever studied physics, you'll remember that an object standing still remains that way unless an external force exerts itself on the object.

For example, this car needs all of your leg, back and arm muscles to get it to move off the dime.

But what happens once the car starts going? It picks up momentum, right? Once the car is rolling, you merely have to stand behind it and tap it to keep it moving.

You know starting an advertising campaign is alot like pushing a car.

At first it may seem very difficult. The calls may be slow going. The sales might be trailing the $$ you're pouring into a campaign. But have faith. Stick with it. If your message is right, it's only a matter of time before "your car" gets rolling.

We have a client who gets 50-60 new customers every month. It didn't start out that way, though. He had to exert some external pressure on the market to get his campaign to move off zero.

If you'd like to hear his story, I've got a 2-minute mp3 audio file I'll e mail to you FREE when you request it. Just drop me a note at thecopee@gmail.com.

Remember with the right message, you can have RESULTS WITH RADIO!

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