Thursday, December 16, 2010

Training an Old Dog

Many say you can't teach old dogs new tricks but I'm going to have to disagree when it comes to saving $$$. Everyday I get tons of "daily deals" emails like Groupon. And honestly some of the deals are out of this world. In the last week, I've purchased a $45 auto detail for $9. I've bought $20 of BBQ for $10 and I've treated "the lunch bunch" to pizza with a voucher I got for only $5. We got $20 worth of pizza.

But I, like Laura Ries, have some concerns that advertisers who use these vehicles are training consumers to only shop their store when they have a coupon. In a recent article Laura Ries says ...
"Think about it. The effects of coupons, sales and discounts are exactly the same as cocaine. The first time you get a discount card in the mail you are elated! Wow! 10% off, 20% off, 2-for-1! You might rush out to the store and take advantage of the offer. But next time you drive by that store you think, I’ll just wait and see if there are any more coupons coming. Next time you drive by that store you get mad since you forgot the coupon. Eventually you refuse to step into the store without a coupon."

My wife and I were doing some Christmas shopping a few weeks ago at Kohls. The items we were shopping were 65% off, plus we had an additional 15% off over and above that.

Why would I every pay retail again?

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? In this case and to the detriment of brand building, I believe the answer is a resounding YES.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Social Media Addiction

It's been awhile since I've posted. I've been very busy which is really no excuse at all. I repent for my non posting ways. I happened across this video. Funny. Thought you might enjoy.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The VIP Potty Pass

I have a very interesting way for you to garner lots of traction and word of mouth advertising at our 3rd annual Celebrate Freedom 2010. It's called the VIP Potty Pass. Watch below.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Your Digital Marketing Fears Eased

Now all of that fear and trepidation you've had about jumping into digital marketing can be set aside because not only is your radio ad guy your radio ad guy, but now your radio ad guy has been fully certified by the Radio Advertising Bureau as a "Certified Digital Marketing Consultant."
Our company recognizing the need to bring digital expertise to the radio field partnered with our trade organization to send me through a 10-module interactive course on making radio + internet work for advertisers.
The same committment I've brought to you on the radio side for generating results is the same committment I'll bring to the digital side as well.
Ove the next several weeks, I'll be writing on how to best utilize some of our digital assets combined with our on air product.
If there's something you'd like for me to write about on my blog, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Web Video: Do You Have A Strategy

Web video puts a face with your product or service and with the surge of social media platforms, web video has become an essential part of any businesses marketing strategy.

Above is a video I recently shot and produced for Carriage Kia in Gainesville, Georgia.

Do you have a web video strategy? Experts agree that regularly updated videos exponentially drive SEO rankings on search engines and bounce rates on websites go down significantly when you engage your consumers with web video.

If you'd like to have a web video produced for your business, I can help. Just give me a call at 770-328-1938.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Monitter This

I just found a very exciting way to "monitter" what consumers are saying about your business. It's located here:

You can set up search fields and geo locate tweets that have been made about your business or trends you follow in your business.

This is exciting because this gives you an opportunity to respond to either positive or negative feedback with super speed. This is not about selling a consumer but engaging with them on their turf.

Imagine building a relationship with a customer long before they have a need for your product or service. How powerful.

Let me know what you think about

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

700-800 People Line Up At Lifeway

I've always said put a good offer up and put it up frequently and you'll reap the rewards. That's exactly what happened on Toby Mac Day at 104.7 the Fish.

Toby Mac came to the studio to co-host the morning show with Kevin and Taylor. Then, Toby Mac made a special appearance on our webcast, The Fish Bowl, where he interacted with our loyal audience online.

All throughout the morning, we promoted that Toby Mac would make a live appearance at Lifeway Christian Books in Kennesaw from 1pm-3pm.

Our 104.7 the Fish promotions staff tells us that between 700-800 people came out to get Toby's autograph and to meet him at the meet and greet at the Lifeway store.

You may not have Toby Mac but my guess is that you have an offer that you could put before my audience that would drive people into your business and create a positive ROI for your advertising campaign.

Contact me if you're interested in finding out how.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What About Un Clicked Banner Ads

You've started an online campaign.

You have banners and buttons and you're just waiting for your e-commerce program to skyrocket.

You may ask yourself, "Do un clicked banner ads really make a difference to my business."

A recent study shows a resounding YES!

"According to Nielsen, one of the top trends in the coming year among advertisers will be to accurately measure activity and link online ads to offline purchasing behavior. A study was done recently by comScore, aimed to understand the impact of online display advertising. The results showed that unclicked ads still had a very powerful impact on the consumer. Further, the likelihood of consumers performing a search using the advertiser's branded terms increased 38%, while consumers' likelihood of buying the advertiser's brand either online or in a retail store increased by 27% and 17% respectively. These statistics provide evidence of the power of online ads, clicked or not, in the digital realm."

Ask yourself this question.

Do billboard, TV, print, and radio have value if there's no response.

Brand managers would vote yes. There's an inherent value in the "branding" message.

Think of it this way, 104.7 the Fish reaches 600,000+ people each week. I have a roofer who reports he put on over 500 roofs last year from Fish leads alone. It was a tremendous year for him, yet, 500 is only a very small percentage of our total 600,000+ audience.

Click thrus in online advertising should be viewed as "direct response" while message views should be viewed as "brand awareness."

This speaks to what I've been educating my customers all along. When you use broadcast marketing, you're not interested in reaching all of my listeners. You're really interested in reaching only those people who are "on" for what you sell.

Broadcast advertising is really a misnomer. It should be called narrowcasting where we are pinpointing your message to people who actively have a need for what you do right now, while, at the same time we are building a brand presence for those who might have a need for what you do in the next 6 months or year.

Either way, an audience is seeing and or hearing your message consistently and frequently.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nearly 100 Patients in 30-days

Dr. James Yost, managing partner of Physicians Immediate Med with 11 locations across Atlanta, discusses how 104.7 the Fish is bringing in new cash flow opportunities for all Physicians Immediate Med offices.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Over 100 Leads in Two Weeks

Internet Case Study: Progressive Medical Center

Situation: Progressive Medical wanted to test market a weight loss product using This product is not advertised on air but only online.

Objective: To develop a stream of online leads of qualified weight loss product consumers.

Strategy: Once a listener clicks on the banner, they are immediately taken into an interactive survey on the Progressive Medical Center website where Progressive Medical gathers consumer data.

Results: In just over 2-weeks, Progressive Medical reports over 100 leads!!

Online advertisers receive the same "halo" effect that our on air advertisers experience. Progressive Medical leverages the listener/web loyalty that 104.7 the Fish delivers.

Want to find out how to affordably utilize this strategy for your business?

Give me a call.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Focus: The Power That Drives Your Results

James Carville understood the power of focus in the 1992 Clinton presidential campaign when he coined the now famous phrase, "It's the economy, stupid."

Scott Brown, the newly elected senator from Massachusetts, also understands the power of focus.

In an unlikely come from behind election, Brown echoed John F. Kennedy's sentiments from years ago saying, "We can do better."

By hyperfocusing the electorates' attention on healthcare and promising that we could do better, Scott Brown is this week's Results With Radio Marketing Hero.

Under Jack Trout's premise that minds hate confusion, Brown made it clear what his position was and he owned it in the mind of the voters.

What does this mean to an advertiser?

It means that there is tremendous power in focusing your message -- not trying to be everything to everybody.

Jack Trout and Al Reis note in their book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, that some of the most powerful marketing messages are those who focus on a single word:

Crest: cavities

Volvo: safety

Prego: thick

So when you want to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, into your next advertising campaign, drop back and think about finding your ONE THING you'd like customers to know about your business. (Thanks to Curly from the movie City Slickers).