Thursday, February 18, 2010

What About Un Clicked Banner Ads

You've started an online campaign.

You have banners and buttons and you're just waiting for your e-commerce program to skyrocket.

You may ask yourself, "Do un clicked banner ads really make a difference to my business."

A recent study shows a resounding YES!

"According to Nielsen, one of the top trends in the coming year among advertisers will be to accurately measure activity and link online ads to offline purchasing behavior. A study was done recently by comScore, aimed to understand the impact of online display advertising. The results showed that unclicked ads still had a very powerful impact on the consumer. Further, the likelihood of consumers performing a search using the advertiser's branded terms increased 38%, while consumers' likelihood of buying the advertiser's brand either online or in a retail store increased by 27% and 17% respectively. These statistics provide evidence of the power of online ads, clicked or not, in the digital realm."

Ask yourself this question.

Do billboard, TV, print, and radio have value if there's no response.

Brand managers would vote yes. There's an inherent value in the "branding" message.

Think of it this way, 104.7 the Fish reaches 600,000+ people each week. I have a roofer who reports he put on over 500 roofs last year from Fish leads alone. It was a tremendous year for him, yet, 500 is only a very small percentage of our total 600,000+ audience.

Click thrus in online advertising should be viewed as "direct response" while message views should be viewed as "brand awareness."

This speaks to what I've been educating my customers all along. When you use broadcast marketing, you're not interested in reaching all of my listeners. You're really interested in reaching only those people who are "on" for what you sell.

Broadcast advertising is really a misnomer. It should be called narrowcasting where we are pinpointing your message to people who actively have a need for what you do right now, while, at the same time we are building a brand presence for those who might have a need for what you do in the next 6 months or year.

Either way, an audience is seeing and or hearing your message consistently and frequently.

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