Friday, June 6, 2008

Pregnancy and Advertising

My wife and I found out recently that we are expecting once again. I love the way people say "expecting." It got me to thinking how much alike a pregnancy and a good advertising campaign are alike especially when you are "expecting."
When you are first pregnant, you may go for some time without any outward signs of your pregnancy. Just because you don't "see" evidence of the pregnancy doesn't mean you aren't pregnant. It's much the same with your advertising campaign. You may start a campaign and have great expectations but those first few weeks on air can often times be just like those early days of a pregnancy. You may be airing your campaign without a lot of responses. Never fear. Something's growing. You have to give it some time.
As time goes on, the baby grows and grows until it looks like mom is about to pop. The same can be said of your advertising program. As you nuture it and "baby" it, you'll begin to see that your results begin to grow. What's imperative at this stage is patience. Just like the baby takes some time to be knit together in the womb, so does your successful ad campaign.
Then the glorious day comes when the baby makes his entrance into the world. All of the pain of contractions and delivery are quickly forgotten when you behold the joy before you. Again, a successful ad campaign can go through contractions and there may be times you feel like you are giving birth. But, when the results come forth, there is jubilation especially as you see your top line revenue numbers increase through the stratosphere.
One of my clients just birthed his biggest month ever thanks to his ad campaign on the Fish. There were some contractions and some delivery pain but the end was well worth it.
Much like my wife and me, my client was "expecting." What are you "expecting?" If you'd like to see how you could give birth to a successful ad campaign, drop me a line at
When it's all said and done, you and I can swap cigars and celebrate together.

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