Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Atlanta Traffic & Your Advertising

Forbes recently reported that Atlanta traffic is the absolute worst traffic in the United States.
Forbes says, "Here, in the fastest-growing city in America, more people flood the roadways than the infrastructure can handle. Commuters spend 60 hours a year stuck in traffic ... If that weren't bad enough, Atlanta is so spread out that only 29% of drivers get to and from work in less than 20 minutes ... and 13% spend more than an hour getting to work ... "
A recent article in the New Yorker said that nine out of ten people travel to work by car, and out of those, eighty-eight percent drive alone.
For those of us who travel in this mess everyday, this news is nothing new under the sun. My question is how do we turn this "trapped" audience of commuters into viable new business for you.
One copywriting expert says that drivers can't read, can't watch DVD's, can't watch TV, and have limited patience for learning while crawling through jams. Still a good percentage of these people are going to be somebody's customer.
These are people with wasted hours that cannott be replaced. For savvy marketers, this could represent an opportunity to be the most exciting part of your prospect's day.
If we hold their attention with compelling programming, you can have their undivided attention when your sales message comes on.
Turn the "trapped in traffic" problem into the "trapped in your message" solution.
I've got a number of clients getting great results going after this trapped consumer. One of my most recent successes had a client posting record top line numbers because of his advertising on the Fish.
If you'd like to hear his story, send me a note at or call 770-328-1938.

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