Monday, March 30, 2009

Reversing a 30 Year Trend

One marketing expert , whom I highly respect, looks at the current economic climate as a huge opportunity. I have to tell you, I can see the logic in his argument. Let me share.

Do you remember the category killer days when the big box guys trampled on the small guy?

Today those same retailers are filing for bankruptcy and are going out of business creating an opportunity for smaller retailers and service providers to gain back the market share they lost.

My friend and marketing expert gives the example of a local bank.

Everyone knows the state of the banking industry right now.

Here's what a local bank should be advertising right now.

You remember the good ole days of banking? When banks loaned money to homeowners and businesses ... those days never left at Local Banking and Trust. Local Banking and Trust never stopped lending money and still has money to lend ... etc.

There are plenty of opportunities in many different business categories.

Do you want a piece of the pie?

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