Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Advertising Driving Away Potential Customers

This comes from Dan O'day, accomplished radio advertising expert. I read his blog entry and thought he said what I wanted to say but he said it better. Please visit Dan's blog @ http://danoday.blogspot.com/. Now enjoy this informative blog post.

This is a Sushi-ish restaurant in a strip mall in Los Angeles. I like Sushi. I like Japanese food. But I've never gone into this place, because I've never been able to see what it looks like inside.

Is it tiny? Spacious? Tastefully decorated or unappealing to the eye? Lots of happy customers inside, or is it empty?

Who knows? They've covered virtually every viewable inch of glass with pictures and posters that are intended to "sell" the restaurant but which in reality discourage new customers from entering.

Drives me crazy every time I see it.

What Does This Have To Do With Radio Advertising?

A good radio commercial offers the listener a "test drive" of the results offered by the product or service. When you clutter up your spot with bells & whistles, jokes, and extraneous audio, you obscure any potential consumer test drive.

We did a "test drive" with a local varicose vein center and generated 18 calls in the first two weeks of his campaign. If you'd like for us to do something like this for your business, I've got 450,000+ listeners each week. A % of those people will do business with somebody in your business category this week. Give me a call @ 404-995-7343 and let's talk about how we can persuade them to do business with you with a clear concise radio selling message.

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