Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's the Price Stupid

Do you remember waaaaay back when then candidate Bill Clinton trailed in the race for the presidency? One of his advisers is rumored to have said, "it's the economy stupid."

Focus is key in today's economic environment. And just like it was on that presidential campaign, it's now one thing in retail advertising. "It's the price, stupid."

Not to be crass but it gets the point across.

According to Don "the guru of ads" Fitzgibbons, price is "rearing its green head in categories that have previously been void of any such blatant calls to action."

According to Fitzgibbons, there are 4 natural patterns of growth in any business category:
  1. Initial phase
  2. Growth phase
  3. Maturity phase
  4. Death phase

We'll tackle each one of these individually in future blogs. But for now, begin thinking this thought ... those who advertise price in a slow economy will be the first ones to grow sales.

My good friend and advertiser, Jake Bullard, understands this. That's why he's been one of the first in his category to offer a $600 upgrade just for mentioning his campaign.

It's working. I talked with Jake a couple of days ago and he shared that we have produced 130 quality leads since January 5th of this year -- far outpacing any other advertising source he's using.

Will you be brave?

Will you step out and be the first to advertise price in your business category?

If you get up the nerve, give me a call.

I always say the first one to pee in the pool owns it.

Wanna go swimming?

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