Monday, March 16, 2009

Radio Want Ads Connect You to Potential Employees

Have you ever considered advertising job openings at your company on the radio?

In a recent CNN online article, an employer got 15 qualified applicants when they publicized their job offering on radio versus newspaper which "didn't spark any leads."

Not only do you reach potential job applicants with radio but you reach their influencers as well. In the article, the man who had lost his job didn't know where to turn, but "luckily for him, some of his relatives did ... Barger's mom and dad were listening to the radio station ..."

Recruitment advertising works on radio because:
  • Radio allows you to reach the employed sector and behind your competitor's walls
  • Radio has 50% of the respondents coming through the networking effect
  • Radio allows you to recruit 24 hours a day
  • Radio produces quick and consistent results

The radio show host cited in the article says it best, "I'm in people's homes. I'm in people's cars ... they're trusting me. I have the ability to tap into what's available right now."

If you've got positions to fill, then, give me a call and we can talk about a cost-effective way to recruit using radio.


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