Monday, January 19, 2009

Radio + Radio Website = Results For Honda Carland

This is the winning entry for the Honda Carland best amateur TV commercial promotion that we aired in late 2008. This was another case of radio producing measurable results.

Honda Carland wanted something beyond the screaming auto commercials. They wanted something new and fresh.

We used the radio campaign to tell about the contest with Honda Carland. We used the web to showcase the video handi-work of our listeners.

The Results: Honda Carland hoped to receive 15 entries to this contest. They were floored when we delivered 34 entries. Because of the excitement this promotion created, many people were at the dealership shooting their videos. The dealership’s share of mind rose dramatically according to Honda Carland.

Not only did this promotion create a buzz in the marketplace, but it also generated additional floor traffic which translated into sales.

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