Sunday, January 4, 2009

Advertising Formula For Generating Results

Noted direct response advertising guru, Alvin Eicoff, set 3 rules in place to maximize direct response advertising in whatever advertising media you use.

(1) Set forth the problem

(2) Explain the solution

(3) Demonstrate how your product or service best provides the solution.

The campaign featured in this post does an excellent job of utilizing the Alvin Eicoff formula for generating results.

I saw this campaign a couple of nights ago. Before being exposed to this commercial, I had given absolutely no thought about my septic system.

After seeing this, I told my wife to make sure she picked up a box because I did not want to deal with a $6,000 problem.

Rid-X generated results because of their advertising copy and adherence to a time honored advertising formula.

Do you need to produce results for your campaign?

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Phil Bernstein said...

It's often said in our business that the only two things that will motivate a decision are fear and greed.

This one does a very nice job with fear.

Mike Copeland said...

I agree. It is sad that fear and greed are such powerful motivators. This campaign certainly placed the $6,000 fear of God in me. We now have a brand new box of Rid-X at the Copee House.

It worked. I was influenced by advertising.

Amazing isn't it when it works effectively.