Monday, November 14, 2011

QR Codes -- Have You Heard??

You've probably seen these around. They're called QR codes. And they are popping up everywhere.

Download a FREE QR Code reader from your mobile phone app market and start uncovering a wealth of information simply by scanning these codes.

This past weekend scanning a QR code saved me $100 dollars. I was making a purchase at Best Buy and noticed a QR code on the display. When I scanned the code, I found that the Best Buy online price was $100 cheaper than their in store price. The store matched the price and I saved $100 dollars! With a QR code reader, I would've missed out on the rich media experience that took the camera I was buying and showcased it AND I would've missed out on a $100 savings.

The restaurant chain, Chili's, recently completed a cause-marketing campaign in an effort to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospitals and had 291,000 scans!! Read the entire article here.

We can even do some very cool QR Code promotions for your company using our Fish Rewards platform; our points-based frequent flyer program for our most loyal listeners.

We could do a scan to win driving traffic into your store where listeners scan the code to be automatically entered into a branded contest.

Just one more way we are so much more than just a radio station outlet for your advertising. Nowadays, I don't even say that I work with 104.7 the Fish. I tell potential clients that I am with Salem Media of Georgia and 104.7 the Fish is just one of my consumer channels we can use.

Want to do a QR Code promotion? Then contact me and we can start creating it together.

Phone in hand ... about to go mobile.

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