Monday, February 27, 2012

Zerorez: Leads Galore

140 Leads

When I hear about these stories, it encourages me that this is exactly where I should be helping advertisers with measureable results.

I was having lunch with a colleague of mine who handles the Zerorez account for 104.7 the Fish.

What he told me astounded me, but honestly, it's a story that I have heard year after year working with the Fish.

Zerorez advertises on more than 10 radio stations in the Atlanta market. Once again 104.7 the Fish leads the pack; generating 140 leads from our listeners as of last Friday.

That's 140 qualified leads; many of which will turn into repeat sales.

104.7 the Fish continues to be a proven performer. With the right message and the right offer, we can move our audience to your brand or store.

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