Friday, November 11, 2011

Gamification of An Atlanta Pest Control Company

I was on a time-out call with another one of my colleagues earlier this week visiting with a large Atlanta-based pest control company. The marketing person interfaces with every kind of media imaginable ... radio, TV, websites, etc.

We were presenting our annual plan and included Fish Rewards. (Fish Rewards is our points-based listener loyalty site that rewards our listeners with virtual currency that they can enter to win prizes, sweepstakes, and instant wins).

What was most interesting is this ... the client said they had tried all sorts of digital programs but none worked nearly as well as Fish Rewards as far as generating measurable web traffic. And he pointed out that when the listener visited their website via Fish Rewards, the bounce rate was significantly lower than any other redirect site.

What if you could send multitudes to your website? Maybe have listeners engage with your audio or your video? Need a consumer perceptual study? We can do that too?

Maybe you'd like to feature a branded contest with your product or service.

Give me a call at 678-632-6733 and I'll bring my brand new tablet to your business and show you all that we can do to help you with your digital marketing efforts.

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