Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What About Results Right Now?

A few blog posts ago, I espoused the value of targeting those who are "ON" for what you sell. Focusing on those who are active in the market will immediately increase your cash flow.

And in this day and age, immediately increasing cash flow is on everybody's radar.

But as one of my blog readers pointed out, there's another aspect of your advertising campaign that you must also consider.

Face it. Most people are not in the market for what you sell today. But many will be in 3, 6, or 12 months down the road.

What are you doing to make sure you get these people when they become ACTIVE for your product or service?

Case in point ... I have listened to baseball on my hometown radio station for years. And for years a collision and body shop has advertised. I was not in the market UNTIL I had a wreck on the way home from work earlier this year. I really banged up the Copee car.

I immediately thought about the collision and body shop that I had heard for years advertising on the radio. They got my business. 5 other body shops in close proximity did not.

If that collision and body shop based the success of their advertising program on whether or not I responded last year or even 6 months ago, they would have deemed their radio advertising a complete failure.

But because they continued month-in, month-out to expose me to their message, when I needed a collision shop, theirs was the first I thought of.

So how long does it take for you to get results?

It all depends on how long your sales cycle is.

If you are a restaurant and you're advertising a dinner deal, chances are you'll get results pretty quickly.

But if you are an insurance company or a car dealer whose sales cycle is much longer, it could take some time before the net you have cast lands you some new fish.

Will you be brave enough to stay long enough for someone to enter into your market?

And how difficult are you making it for people to do business with you?

I can make it easier for your customers to find out who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you.

Give me a call and we can talk.


Brett Duncan said...

Mike -

So true: it doesn't matter what you're saying or how loud you're saying or how often you're saying it if your audience doesn't care.

Don't know if you saw this post by Phil Bernstein or not, but it underscores your point pretty well, I think:

Mike Copeland said...

Brett -

Thanks for checking out the blog. And yes ... I did read Phil's blog recently about when you can stop advertising. Phil is a true professional and I've enjoyed getting to know him between our blog conversations.

All the best, Mike