Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Actual O C Welch Ford Commercial "Wake Up America"

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This is the actual controversial radio commercial that's causing some stir in Savannah, GA. The dealer is getting results with this campaign. What do you think about this approach?


Anonymous said...

Way too radical. Come on now, I am an ex-marine and I am not that fired up. - Josh

Mike Copeland said...

One of my colleagues actually talked with the account rep at the radio station in Savannah and the guy is selling cars. This message is apparently resonating with a segment of the population.

Phil Bernstein said...

Don Fitzgibbons likes to say that the only way to tell the difference between a "good" ad and a "bad" ad is by asking, "Did it work?"

I don't know if it's actually generating sales, but I suppose it's possible. But Mr. Welch has done us a service by forcing us to ask a follow-up question:

If it works because it appeals to the absolute worst instincts of the target audience, can we still call it "good"?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that 'red neck' is an acceptable term and 'ricer' isn't? GM alone employs more American's than all of the foreign auto makers combined! They invest 17 billion annually into R&D to keep this country competitive in a global market. Toyota does business with rogue nations such as Iran and Syria. So spare us the race bating please, the guy like a lot of others are fed up with ignorant, politically correct Americans.