Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advertising Lessons from a Chiropractor

I did something that I thought I'd never do.

I went for a chiropractic appointment because of a chronic pain I've developed in my right shoulder area.

Now you wouldn't think there are any advertising lessons from a doctor of chiropractic but there were ... many lessons that could apply to your business.

First, my doctor listened intently to the symptoms I was experiencing. He asked good follow up questions to gather more information.

He then had me lay face down on the table.

This is where he really demonstrated his expertise. After feeling my spine, he asked me questions about acid reflux and a couple of other health related questions. He confidently demonstrated knowledge, then, suggested specific test before moving forward in treatment so that he would know exactly what he was dealing with.

(Remember prescription without diagnosis is malpractic in any field)

I walked into that chiropractor's office not exactly sure if this treatment was for me but in a short 60-minutes walked out convinced that I needed to have chiropractic care. And I felt good about parting with my $$.

Advertising Lesson: Like this doctor of chiropractic did, find your customers pain. Demonstrate your expertise. Then, show how your product or service best eases the pain. When you find the pain and demonstrate knowledge of how to get rid of the pain, cost to your customer becomes a lower factor on the decision making scale.

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