Monday, February 16, 2009

Snuggie's 4 Million Sold Success -- How Did They Do It?

According to a recent article in "USA Today," 4 million "Snuggies" have been sold since the product launched in August.

This campaign reminded me of an advertising formula that I've used for years in advising my clients how to create an ad that works.

Chris Lytle popularized this years ago. It's called the "5 Elements of a Successful Ad Campaign."

(1) Make a specific offer
(2) Price the offer when possible
(3) Include time or limited quantity for urgency
(4) Have a theme or hook
(5) Have a specific call to action (log on, call, etc)

How many of these elments did "Snuggie" get?

This is the same sort of test I personally put every one of my clients' advertising through to insure their greatest success and minimize their risk.

If you don't pass on the "Copee Copy Meter," we go back to the drawing board.

Is your advertising producing results? If not, call me and let's test your copy. If you score an 80 or below, let's do something that will help you become cash flow positive.

Together we can help you become the next "Snuggie."

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