Monday, February 2, 2009

The Power of Endorsement

One of the strategies that I have used to generate "results with radio" for my clients is using radio personality endorsements.

I had the chance to ask 104.7 the Fish afternoon drive personality, Dan Ratcliffe, a few questions about the power of endorsement radio.

Dan has been on air since the Fish began so his longevity in the market makes him a very recognizable voice.

He's endorsed everything from Nehemiah Reconstruction to Jim Ellis Mazda and really knows his stuff.

Me: Many people wonder do personalities actually use the products they endorse? Could you share your experience?

Dan Ratcliffe: I get asked that question all the time! People always say, “did you really have the siding on your house replaced?” or “Did you really get new countertops??” The answer is yes – I don’t lie about getting products or services.

Me: How do you decide what you will and will not endorse?

Dan Ratcliffe: I take a look and see if it’s a product or service I need or want. I also try to get to know the owner or people who run the company and see if they’re people that I would enjoy doing business with. If I’m going to recommend people go to a particular business, I want to make sure they’re going to be treated well and be glad that I made the recommendation.

Me: Talk to us about the power of endorsement radio that you have experienced. Give specific examples.

Dan Ratcliffe: I’ve been associated with Nehemiah Reconstruction for a while now, and have had them replace my siding and windows. One day, a listener called me after hearing my commercial for Nehemiah, and she asked me if I had really used the company and if I was happy with their work. I assured her that I had, indeed, used them and was extremely satisfied. A few weeks later she called back and thanked me for my recommendation. She said she had gotten quotes from 3 different companies, and decided to go with Nehemiah based on my recommendation, despite the fact they were not the cheapest quote.

I also endorse O’Charley’s restaurants, and had talked in some of my commercials about a particular manager that I had gotten to know. I told folks if they were in his particular restaurant to ask for Winston, or “Winnie” as he’s called. During the Fall of 08, O’Charley’s took a break from advertising for a little while, but Winston told me he was still getting people coming in and asking for him – saying they heard about him on the Fish!

Me: How would you describe the way a listener relates to an endorsed product or service?

Dan Ratcliffe: Many times when listeners hear a commercial – to them, it sounds like just that…a commercial. But I think when they hear an endorsement, it gives the product or company more credibility. Especially with the Fish format, our listeners feel like they can trust us when we recommend a company or product. Instead of hearing a commercial, they’re hearing a friend tell them about a great product or service they found. It’s like word of mouth advertising over the air. Instead of just some random, no-name voice talking at them, it’s a friend talking to them.

Endorsement radio is a very powerful tool that can be used by an advertiser. It's like beach front property. The radio station only allows a limited number of endorsements otherwise the endorsement would lose its effectiveness.

If you'd like to explore the possibilities of having one of our personalities talk about your business, give me a call (404) 995-7343.

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