Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is this customer service, really?

In this economy, doesn't it make sense to take care of your customers even more so that they might become raving fans?

That's what I thought too until our recent dealings with Sears.

You see back on October 14th, my wife placed an online order with Sears to take advantage of a mattresss sale they were having. Good offer (as I often write about), time limitation (the sale ended on a pre-determined day), and the call to action was to click and buy.

We did and that's where the good part of the story ends.

Two delivery dates came and went and we had heard nothing from Sears. The third delivery day came and the box springs came but no mattress. The customer service representative even had the gall to tell my wife that she was looking at a mattresss because that's what her computer said despite the fact that my wife and the Sears delivery guy was looking at two box springs.

A promise was made from Sears to bring the mattress the following week. We said ok. Another week came and went and still nothing from Sears.

Now Sears has charged our credit card and is expecting payment for merchandise we have never received.

Tell me, with the economy is such doldrums, doesn't it make good business sense to take extra special care of the customers you have.

This brings me to another point about word of mouth advertising which I will write about in a future blog.

Let me encourage you to take care of your customers because if you don't you will lose them. And right now is NOT the time to be losing new business.

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