Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't Give Up

Marketing News writer Nicole Granese says whatever you do don't give up on marketing during a recession.

She says, "When you cut marketing during a recession, you stop the conversation with your consumer. You are out of sight and ultimately out of mind, putting your brand at risk."

Rethink your strategy.

Understand your target better.

Granese says, "A recession can be a great opportunity to gain market share and position your brand for the future. So don't just weather a recession -- seize the opportunity to thrive."

And remember from our last time together, that the scarcer your resources, the narrower your advertising focus should be.

We just had a report of a research study who advertised with us last week. They generated 41 calls and secured 15 appointments.

Business is still being done.

Do you want some of it?

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