Thursday, October 1, 2009

Using Digital Resources With Your Radio Campaign

Are you using your digital resources to their fullest to drive additional business?

In a recent article, one station is maximizing all of their assets to generate additional lead volume for their clients. According to the write up ...

"They go to the client and film a professional video on location. Most
are better than local TV spots; the time is longer and the price much
cheaper. Drive listeners to your site with a special offer on on-air,
where they can check out the video. Perhaps a certain word or code will provide a discount or freebie at the client(s)' location."

The president of Peak Broadcasting, Bill Figenshu says, "We've got to be able to offer a full package of on-air, online, video, audio, etc. Advertisers want a full horizontal and vertical plan today."

The video featured above is from a client, Craft Electric, who is capturing the vision of captivating our audience in every avenue of engagement.

We can shoot an on location video like this and we can guarantee immediate and measurable results.

Want to find out how?

Give me a call at 404-995-7343.

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