Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Convert Web Traffic to Sales

A recent WSJ article gives businesses 3 distinct ways to convert web traffic to sales. Converting traffic to sales is the name of the game for every business I talk with each day.

The WSJ article suggests the following:

  1. Install a click-to-call feature -- website visitors click the link on your site, a box pops up. They insert a phone number and press a button. A short while later, customers receive a phone call. Mira Golin, owner of Body By Brooklyn, in Brooklyn N.Y. says she has a 5-10% conversion rate using a click-to-call feature on her website. Click to call widgets are offered by Jajah, TringMe, and Flaphone among others.
  2. Chat with customers online -- a home improvement retailer says, "We couldn't believe how many chats we were getting." Over 300 chats daily with a 9% conversion rate daily! For a FREE chat program, check out You can embed a widget onto your website (Notice that I now have a LIVE chat feature on my blog -- chat me up)
  3. Offer a try-before-you-buy program -- for service clients this might be a bit more difficult to do but think along the lines of how you can get trial before purchase.

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