Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stop the Insanity!!

I have never in my life been so fed up with "talking heads." This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if we allow it. Day-in, day-out we are bombarded by TV channels that make their living off inciting fear in the marketplace.

Before we take everything at face value, let's take a look at what the independent research shows ... not the pundits on their pulpits of pessimism.

Remember that every piece of peer-reviewed research shows that companies that keep their heads in a recession are the ones who win during the economic downturn as well as when the market recovers.

The companies who lose in this are the ones that go into hiding. The ones who take a "wait and see" attitude will, according to the research, kill their brand.

Now you would expect me to be a bit biased since advertising is what I do for a living but I encourage you not to just take my word for it. Google "advertising and recession" and see the independent qualified research that says advertising now is good and profitable for your business.

You will grow market share.

You will increase your sales now.

And ...

You will help consumers get out of their own fears when they hear that your company is still doing business.

Do you have to be smart? Yes.

FDR said it best when he said, "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."

Join me on the crusade to squash this wholesale marketing of fear to the consumer marketplace by taking a stand and saying ... not on my watch. Not on my time will we spiral into a dismal pit of despair.

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