Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Winning the War Between Your Ears

Can I be perfectly transparent?

I am sick and tired of the alarmist agenda driven news media.

The talking heads come on the TV and you'd think "the sky is falling." Without being naive, let me underscore that these are challenging times but we are nothing near the great depression of 1929.

I heard John Adams speak yesterday at a networking luncheon. John is a financially savvy kind of guy. He said that in 1929 unemployment was upwards of 25%. Unemployment today is nowhere near that number hovering somewhere around 6%. We are nowhere near a depression as some have suggested.

So just take a deep breath and decide.

Are you going to be in FEAR or are you going to be an OVERCOMER?

Driving into work today I had these observations.

(1) People are still driving their cars. (opportunities for automotive repair, automotive replacement companies are still there)

(2) People are still living in homes. Surprise, right? (opportunities for home improvement companies, HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.)

(3) There's a giant crack in my driveway. (pavement refinishing company opportunities)

(4) Dogs were still barking in my neighborhood. (opportunities for vets -- my dog recently had to have surgery because of an impacted bowel -- yuck -- $1200 -- ok so how do you tell your 7-year-old daughter "what putting the dog down means?" I'm a softy.

Bottom line is business is still being done. Consumers still have problems to solve. Will you be the first company they think of when the problem arises? Only one thing can help you stay top of mind. That's a regular advertising campaign.

I have a roofer who gets calls weekly from homeowners listening to our radio station who need new roofs. That's a $5,000 to $7,000 proposition. Roofs still leak regardless of what's going on with Wall Street or with Washington, D.C.

Moreover, now consumers are looking for people they can trust implicity with their scarcer dollars. This fact makes the Fish a natural fit for your business since there is an implied endorsement communicated by your association with the Fish.

The real question is who will win the war between your ears. Will you allow fear to sideline you and your business or will you determine that circumstances will not dictate your success?

The choice is clearly up to you.

If you decide you'd like to be an overcomer, drop me a not at thecopee@gmail.com and we can talk about the successes we've had with other clients recently (even in the midst of the economic storm). Then, we can determine if it makes sense to explore opportunities for you.

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