Saturday, August 23, 2008

Old Navy Sets Sail With A Great Ad Campaign

I normally don't blog over the weekend but I had to tell you about a GREAT ad campaign that obviously produced results for Old Navy.
The picture you see was taken at the Newnan, GA Old Navy as people flocked in for Old Navy's One Day Jeans Sale. $12 for adult denim. $7 for children.
Remember I always preach have a good offer and offer some sense of urgency and your advertising will take off. That's exactly what Old Navy did.
Here's how I was transfixed by advertising: On Thursday night my lovely wife, Angie, and I were watching 101 Most Unforgetable Saturday Night Live Moments on E! The Old Navy campaign aired one time during the time we watched. I told Ang that we should go get some jeans for Anna (our 7 year old). She agreed.
The message was very clear in the campaign. Old Navy stated their offer clearly and reminded consumers that it was for Saturday only.
When we arrived the store was packed. I had to actually wait in line for a dressing room to come available. Now that's a first.
And on top of that ... I texted a number of friends whom I knew had kids because I wanted to share in my great find!! This goes to show you that when you orchestrate your advertising campaign correctly, you'll not only get results from those who are exposed to your campaign but if your offer is good enough, you'll get referral leads left and right too.
So remember when you have a great offer and you combine urgency with your offer, you'll find measureable paydirt at the end of your campaign.
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